About Me

Hello All,
My name is Katie and I believe in living life  to the fullest through different experiences and traveling the world. I have always enjoyed vacations, talking to new people and seeing the natural wonders our world has left behind for us. I am 24 and have had a handful of adventures already in my life, but as many travelers, I am not satisfied. I have only just begun my travels of the World.

This blog originated for a place to tale the tales of my travels for those back home who like to live bi curiously through me. It also allows those who  are concerned for my safety to know I am still trekking and alive. That section will be under my journal pages. However, I would like to expand my audience to fellow backpackers and those interested in the world of traveling cheaply. If you are uncertain about traveling, I hope you will find inspiration through-out my blog and take an adventure of your own. It just might change your life. Every person has a different style and a different experience when traveling, so don’t think just because I did it one way you have to follow suit. Some people think the things I do are ridiculous, and sometimes they are correct, but they are an experience none the less. If I come out alive and have a story to tell, then I am living life the way I want. My stories are much better told in person than in witting but unfortunately I do not have the equipment yet to do video blogs, so I hope you enjoy and do not mind my lack of writing skills.

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