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Bye Bye Barcelona

After sending Marina off to her flight. I tried to book a train ticket to go on the night train to amsterdam. I was talking to a guy who had been trying to get to switzerland but had been stuck three days in barcelona because everything was booked. He was having a breakdown I felt bad for him. I tried to help him out and look up flights for him, and tell him that if he could get to france it was a lot easier to get to switzerland. I went up to the counter and tried to book my ticket but they said it would be 75 euros just for a reservation to Paris and that didn’t include the part to amsterdam. I was not having it. It would be a faster and cheaper to book a flight. So I went back to the hostel where my stuff was stored and tried to book a flight. For some reason I could not get either my cards or my pay pal to work. I was getting flustered. Zach a nice gentleman from Cali was the voice of reason and convinced me to try another website. Of course that’s a good idea. So I did and I was able to book my flight. It cost me ten Euros more but it worked. I talked to him for a little while and found out he lives in San Fran and is willing to show me around. People are really awesome. I then napped for a long while since I didn’t sleep much on the bus. I started talking to stephanie a girl from Ecuador who was really awesome and helped pass time. I then showered and hung outside until it was time to catch my flight. It was a nice day to relax and catch up on sleep. :)