Splendid Split

Today got off to a late start. Noon was the wake up time, the Brazilians were not feeling so well and still needed more time to sleep but I couldn’t force myself to sleep any longer. We set a meeting time to meet back up with them to go to the rock beach. We checked in and went to the sand beach first since we had a few hrs. This way we figured we would get to explore both the beaches. The water was great so clear and blue. The beach was packed and there were loads of people there. The water was super shallow as well so you could be out fairly far and still have to stay on your knees. After spending some time there we head off to find the boys. They actually were on time, but only two of them had made it. Luis and Julio. The other two still were not feeling so great. We head off to the rock beach. On the way we saw lots of people cliff jumping and it looked pretty amazing. They said you had to land on your stomach though because the water was too shallow.. A little to close for me, also it looked painful. We laid out in the sun for a while and would take turns going for a swim. It is really hard to get into and out of a rock beach. The feet don’t feel so well. Also you have to be careful of all the sea urchins that lurk about. Thankfully the water is clear enough to see them, or life could be bad. After spending the day in the sun, I was tired and completely hungry, I hadn’t ate yet. We went to the grocery store for some goods for the ferry the next day and then went to get dinner at a sit down place. The food was amazing. We shared a plate of calamari, it was the best I think I ever had and fairly cheap. At our table there was a Swedish guy who had been traveling by himself that we started talking to. He was a very nice guy and we all had a great dinner. The other two Brazilians showed up a little later ironically. After the long day in the hot sun, we were exhausted. Tonight was definitely going to be an early one. We walked around for a while saw some of the palace and went to get some ice cream. We gave the guy too much money on accident and he corrected it. Its good to know that there are honest people out there. He had a dancing giraffe stuffed animal that he played for us :) what a nice way to end the night.

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