Meaty Munich

I arrived in Munich after traveling from bus, ferry, and trains for about 24 hrs. It is 6 am and I have hardly slept. I spent most of my time catching up my blogs. Arriving in the Munich train station is a familiar place. I have been there several times before which is always a good feeling. I locate the hostel and check in early. I then fall fast asleep on the couch while I wait for Lauren and Megan to wake up. Eventually I switch out to the hammocks in the courtyard. Oh how I love hammocks, definitely need to invest in one for my home. I sleep maybe 3 hours total and am woken up by the girls, time to start our day in Munich. We go for a walking tour, which was highly informative and was like a history class. It was very good and I learned more than double what I learned on the last walking tour I took in munich 2 years ago. Things are slightly familiar to me, but still a bit hazy since it was a while ago. I learned so much about the difference between the north and south of Germany and more about the Barvarian laws and culture than I had previously known. I highly recommend to take walking tours in a city or at least have something to walk you through a history of place. I have recently taken a liking to Rick Steves because he does give the history behind a place ( thanks Marina). After the walking tour I had one of my favorite Weibworsts that are just So great!! I love all the meat in Munich. We then found the English book store that I visited two years ago , so I could get some reading materials for the rest of the trip. We then head to a cafe to have some iced coffee. It was absolutely amazing. The glasses were large and it was like a caramel machiatto milk shake. It was so nice to drink something cool since it was rather warm. Then it started getting over cast and looked like a storm was about to roll in. :( it always rains in Munich when I come. We were provided with live music from this group of boys, who I believe had just graduated -if only I could understand German then I would know what was happening. We head back then to shower and get ready for the evening. We decide to head to the Hofbrau haus however it was pouring down rain and super windy. We still head that way and we end up having some pretzels and beer. I finally have that liter that I have been waiting to have for a while. I got a radler, which is a beer with lemonade. So great. We meet several groups of people. Some that were on a contiki tour, they were slightly awkward and obnoxious but that happens when you get a big group of people traveling. Some of them were highly entertaining to talk to though. Everyone always has their own story their own view on life. As HB is closing, we meet these two Canadian boys. They come back to the hostel with us since there is happy hour at their bar. We all sit down and chat a while and I notice a familiar face playing pool. I believe it is a guy that I have ran into several times amongst my travels. As I look for his friend to verify that it is them , he comes out of nowhere. I walk over there and chat with them for quite some time. It is really a small world. I had met them in Sevilla, Spain. Saw them almost 2 weeks later in Pamplona, then run into them in Munich. It is true people get on certain travel circles, but its crazy to think 3 random meetings. We had been in the same cities as many people before, but you never see them and here it happens I am seeing these guys everywhere funny thing is I don’t even remember their names, nor am I sure we ever exchanged them. I began to get a bit hungry since the pretzels for dinner did not fill me up. I decide to splurge on a kebab. Oh how I really enjoy kebabs and they are all over europe but taste different in every place. This one has been my favorite by far and reminded me of the ones I used to have in France all the time. As I am eating my Kebab in the lobby I begin to talk to 3 guys. One from Brazil ( I swear the brazilians are bound to find me this trip ) and 2 from Sweden. The one guy from Sweden really reminds of Mathais, one of the other Swedish guys I have met along the way. Ironically they are from the same city as well. We all chat and talk for a while and I head off to bed.

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